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Nikokree | 06.08.2019
Hey Director! STFU. Hey Editor! edit stupid fucks voice out. There's a thing called 'Mood', hearing some dumbassed dudes voice in the middle of two hot chicks sucking face kinda RUINS said mood. I understand these things aren't Hollywood mega-blockbusters, but attempt and have a bit more pride.
Mazugore | 05.08.2019
The article addresses that point head on. It's item #4. In any case, Democrats do have to figure out how to do it better in low population and purplish states. By vote totals they should have wiped out Republicans in the mid-terms instead of just a solid victory. Unfortunately, it's the system we have and it won't change by 2020.
Targ | 05.08.2019
Ya te lo comenté en uno de tus vídeos.Cheating makes you cum harder! gracias por tu amistad. Espero coincidir y charlar por privado como mereces.
Akicage | 09.08.2019
Oh Ok, kool I'm 23, I was like you as well a virgin till I got married & now we have sex about twice a day! I LUV IT! ;)
Dairr | 12.08.2019
He was probably a very nice person, but still. On TAD, you are the dougiest of Dougs.

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